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Rambles of a Mama

Life with a toddler

December 17th, 2010

Moved @ 05:16 pm

This blog has moved to carleighsmama 

December 14th, 2010

Not Dead @ 03:40 pm

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This blog has not been updated for almost three months.  Blogging just hasn't interested me all that much.  I was laid off from my job about a month ago.  It's sad.  The Las Vegas economy sucks.  When you look through the job postings on Monster or Career Builder, most of them are scams.  There are a few legitimate ones that I qualify for, so my resume was submitted.  Until I get another job, I will be a stay-at-home mom.  It's nice not having to pay for daycare, but we really need the second income still, at least until 2012 anyway.

My baby girl just woke up from her nap, so this blog will be cut short.

September 27th, 2010

Drifting Away From Family @ 06:00 pm

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Over the past couple of years, I've found myself drifting away from my family.  Most of them are insensitive and inconsiderate.  When I had my miscarriage in April 2008, a lot of things changed for me.  I'm not sure if it was the thought of having a dead baby in me for six weeks (baby died at six weeks, I miscarried at 12 weeks) or if it was the medication I was given to stop the pain and make me "happy".  I lost my baby when my unwed cousin was pregnant.  Everyone was celebrating the fact that she slept with another woman's boyfriend and got pregnant as a result.  No one really seemed to care that I was going through a rough time.  Most of the comments I received after the loss were insensitive.  It was depressing.  My cousin's and sister started calling me a jealous hater almost immediately following the miscarriage.  I'm not quite sure what makes someone jealous of an unwed, unemployed, and uneducated girl... but whatever.  They all said what they did and I had to defend myself.  My mother was a pushover and still supported my cousin's.  She still babysat my oldest cousin's child, even after she said nasty things about my mom.  I cut off communication with three of my cousin's, their mom, and my sister.  They were all downers.

My mom continued to ignore the nasty things that were said and done.  When it was time to send out invitations for my baby shower, my mom insisted that my cousin's be invited.  The same ones who continuously called me a jealous hater and other derogatory names.  Every time I asked my mom why she wanted them there, she told me she just wanted to be courteous.  Really?  You want to be courteous to those who think it's funny when a woman has a miscarriage?  It was quite the fight to get my mom to understand why I didn't want them at MY baby shower.  I told my mom if she invited them, I wouldn't talk to her.  To me, it was just disrespectful to want to invite people to a baby shower who said nothing but nasty things about your daughter.

Then when Carleigh's birthday rolled around in June, my mom wanted to invite my cousin's again.  She acted as if she totally forgot about the issue I had with her wanting to invite them to my baby shower.  I sent out the invitations myself, not only because my mom is a procrastinator, but I wanted to ensure the two cousin's were not going to receive an invitation.  Having them at Carleigh's birthday party would have caused nothing but drama.

These days I just don't feel like talking to my own mother.  She doesn't understand why I'm so upset.  She never has.  She let's my sister say and do whatever she wants to me, but if I defend myself, my mom gets mad at me.  Then my mom gets upset because my sister & I cannot get along.  Whenever my mom calls, she never has anything to talk about.  It just wastes my time to sit on the phone in complete silence.  I don't have much to say.  Okay?  I'm a working mom who spends most of my days at the office.  Once I get home, I'd rather lounge on the couch and be lazy, read books to Carleigh, or cuddle up and watch a movie.  It's not a very exciting life, but I enjoy it.

My mom also has a habit of complaining about how broke she is.  My sister and her best friend live with my parent's.  My sister told my mom she was moving out at the end of summer.  Well, it's the end of summer and my sister and her best friend are still mooching off of my parent's.  Whenever I point out the fact that she would have more money if she kicked the grown ass adults out of her home, she gets upset and defensive.  I'm sorry, but if you don't want to hear the truth, don't tell me about your problems.  Or maybe she should have just made better financial decisions.  

I'm just tired and worn out.  I'm sick of the bullshit.  Everyone in our family wants to play kiss ass and pretend life is rainbows and lollipops 24/7.  It's just not.  If I lie to everyone and pretend everything is always peachy keen, I'd be lying to myself.  I'm an honest person.  If I wasn't honest, these same people would get upset at me.  That whole family is full of hypocrites.

Whatever.  I just don't understand any of them anymore.  Maybe it's because I got out of that go-no-where town.  They all live in denial and under a rock.  Maybe one day they will open their eyes and see the world for what it is.  Maybe I've just matured since moving away from all of them and into a bigger city.  Who knows?  I just don't feel comfortable around my own family anymore.  I cannot trust any of them.

At least I have Heath & Carleigh.  That's all that matters.

September 26th, 2010

Spur of the moment Sunday @ 03:13 pm

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Carleigh & I went to the Galleria Mall in Henderson this morning.  Heath had to work some overtime today, so instead of being at home all day, I decided to take Carleigh to the mall.  She fell asleep on our way there and didn't wake up until I was making my purchases at Kohl's.  It was time for a new purse.  My Guess purse had some tears in it.  I guess I was being too rough with it.  There were two shirts I found on the clearance racks that I bought as well.  

We arrived at the mall before any other stores opened at 11am.  Kohl's was the only store that opened at 9am.  Once we were done at Kohl's, we went over to Starbucks so I could enjoy one last drink before the prices rise soon.  With my drink, I bought some pumpkin bread for Carleigh & I to snack on.  I wasn't sure if Carleigh would like pumpkin.  She LOVED it!  She kept trying to grab my piece out of my hand before I could give her one.  She will probably love the pumpkin biscuits I plan on making later today.  I also have a recipe for pumpkin pancakes, but I'm missing a few ingredients. 

Carleigh & I continued to walk around.  It was only 10:45am and we had some time to waste until Macy's opened.  There was a portrait studio next to Macy's.  They had a deal for $7.99 for 25 pictures.  Carleigh was already wearing a really nice dress and headband.  She was ready for pictures.  Thankfully they had a time slot ready for us.  Carleigh had eight adorable pictures taken.  We ordered two different poses for now.  The spur of the moment pictures came out great.  The pictures will be read October 7.

After the mall, we came back home.  Carleigh fell asleep on our way home and continued to sleep until a little after 2pm.  She currently has a granola bar & milk while watching Lilo & Stitch.  She's too cute.  

September 12th, 2010

Migraine Update @ 04:55 pm

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On Wednesday morning, I went to see my neurologist.  It was a fairly quick appointment.  Filled out some paperwork, had my blood pressure taken, was asked questions, did some balance tests, and then answered some more questions.  My doctor said I have common migraines without aura.  He also prescribed me a sumitriptan.  For now, he only gave me six pills to see how well they worked out for the migraines.  I've only had to take two.  They seem to work great.  If they didn't work out so well, the neurologist was going to prescribe me something stronger, but I don't think they will be necessary now.

Cash Crate has a contest going on for the month of September.  Who ever completes the most offers & surveys for September will win $25.  Second place receives $20, Third place receives $15, and people who place 4th-10th will receive $10.  I've been trying to complete as many surveys & offers as possible, but I still haven't placed on the board yet.  I hope I am getting some what close.  I'd love the extra $25 on my check, but I'd settle with an extra $10 too. 

We went to Sunset & Paradise Park yesterday afternoon.  We stopped by Sunset Park first, but there weren't any "cool" baby swings.  The two that we found were in direct sunlight.  I knew Paradise Park had a couple of baby swings, so we went there to let Carleigh swing.  She really enjoyed it.  The temps are starting to go down a little bit.  At least getting us out of the 100+ degree days anyway.  We are going to take Carleigh to a different park every Saturday while the weather is nice.  Carleigh loves to people watch.


September 5th, 2010

Jaguar S-Type @ 12:53 pm

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Over this weekend, we traded in the Versa for a 2000 Jaguar S-Type.  Reason?  It saves us money to own a Jaguar.  Is that silly to say?  The car payment, insurance, and registration is cheaper.  The only thing that will cost more is the gas since the Jaguar requires premium and it's a V8.  The Versa was worth more than I owed on it.  I originally saw a 2003 Nissan Maxima, but once I found the Jaguar for under $10,000, I told Heath I wanted it.  We checked it out yesterday and test drove it.  The car was so smooth.  It is a lot like my parent's Lincoln LS, which is a given since they are on the same chassis and have a lot of interchangeable parts from what I understand.  

It didn't take too long to get the deal we wanted at the dealership.  The Versa is paid off.  Now I have a new loan on a gorgeous Jaguar.  Who would have thought I'd ever own a Jaguar?  Yes, I went from a 2008 down to a 2000, but I believe it was worth it.  It's not really a downgrade.  I went from a bland, 121 horsepower car to a V8, 281 horsepower JAGUAR!  Heath & I both have fun cars now.

The Jaguar is a lot of fun to drive.  It feels like you're driving on air.  It's very stylish.  The leather is in immaculate condition for being 10 years old.  This car had only one previous owner and you can tell they kept it in a garage.  The car had 74,000 miles on it, which is very low mileage for a 2000 model. 

The car has a sunroof.  I haven't had a sunroof since I had my 1994 Mercury Cougar.  I'm not even sure what else to say about this car.  It's fully loaded.  I think the only thing that's missing is heated/cooled seats, which I really do not need. 

I am no longer versawife, I am jagwife.  Here are some pictures for those who are curious.

Those are just a few.  I don't want to spam my blog with a butt load of pictures.  The payments alone save us $56 a month.  It's a 45 month loan, but should/will be paid off a bit earlier. 


August 27th, 2010

Writer's Block: If I were president ... @ 05:20 pm

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What would you do if you were president or prime minister for a day?

Get rid of ALL government handout programs.  Fire half the people in the Senate & Congress.  Cut spending.  Lower taxes.  Enable a flat tax.  Everyone would pay the exact same in taxes.  No more redistribution of wealth. 

Don't like it?

Move to Cuba.


August 15th, 2010

Turning 27 @ 02:37 pm

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Tomorrow is my 27th birthday.  I have been celebrating pretty much all weekend.  Monday birthdays are no fun.  Heath bought me an iLuv HD radio for the office.  I love it!  My in-law's bought me a $100 Visa gift card.  My parent's sent me out a $50 Target gift card.  I'm sure I will receive my grandparent's birthday card tomorrow.  I bought season one of Kath & Kim for $8.19 & season four of My Name Is Earl for $14 from Buy.com.  While we were at the mall yesterday, I bought a decorative Haunted House that holds a medium jar candle from Yankee Candle.  After hanging out at the mall for a little bit yesterday, we went to Sam's Club to get a birthday cake.  We were going to buy a cookie cake, but decided to buy a double fudge fantasy cake.  Check this cake out!  

The side of the cake was chocolate flakes.  Heath & I had some cake last night.  It was so good.  The cake weighs five pounds!  It's only Heath & I eating it.  I'm in the middle of losing weight, but hey, it's my birthday.  I deserve some delicious chocolate fudge cake.  We rarely buy cake anymore.  So I thinking cheating is okay this weekend.  :)

I decided to get a new Twitter account this week.  I'm mostly using it to keep track of my favorite people & stores.  The feed on my Facebook is so full, I sometimes miss really good deals & coupons.  Since Twitter is less cluttered, I can keep better track of all my favorite stores & websites.  Feel free to follow me if you wish.  There is nothing exciting on there though.

Carleigh is getting closer to walking.  She wanted to walk around the mall yesterday.  Heath & I both held one of Carleigh's hands.  She just walked, and walked, and walked.  She walked right into Old Navy.  It was so cute.  Once we got home, Heath stood Carleigh up and once she started to take a couple of steps, he let go of her.  Carleigh would take a step or two on her own before falling down.  We're thinking (and hoping!) she will be walking very soon.  Probably this week.  How exciting!

I still have to pull the couch out from the wall and vacuum back there.  Sounds fun, huh?  I bet you're jealous.  I should probably do that now before I get lazy and decide to sit on the couch and watch movies on Comedy Central all day.

August 5th, 2010

What a week @ 03:25 pm

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This entire week has been thrown off track due to Carleigh's fevers.  Monday was the only normal day this week.  Carleigh woke up Tuesday morning feeling really hot.  Her entire body felt like it was on fire.  Heath took her temperature and it was 102 degrees.  I volunteered to stay home with her on Tuesday.  Heath said he could make up the money I lost if he worked overtime on Sunday.  Carleigh's temperature went down around noon.  She was playful and having a great time.  Around 4pm, I noticed she felt really warm while we were playing.  I took her temperature again and it was 101 degrees.  How frustrating!  

On Wednesday morning, Carleigh woke up with a fever again.  This time, Heath stayed home with her while I went into work.  I had to process the late fees for our resorts in the Poconos.  I went into work from 7am-4:30pm to make sure I could get them all done and make up some of the hours I lost on Tuesday.  I called Heath on my lunch to see how Carleigh was doing.  He said she was eating, playing, and having a good time.  Her fever was still there, but not as high as it had been on Tuesday.  Thank goodness.  

Carleigh's fever was gone this morning.  Her temperature was 97.7 degrees.  She could finally go back to daycare and Heath & I could both go back to work.  Around 9:30am, I received a phone call from the daycare, saying Carleigh had a fever of 103 degrees.  Yikes!  I left work early to go pick her up and bring her home.  I worked an hour and a half today.  My late notices for the Poconos was to be done today.  That's an all day task.  I am really bumming that I had to leave early, but my baby girl is sick.  We are really hoping this fever is completely gone for good by tomorrow.  If not, I'm going to take her into the doctor's office. 

Heath & I think the fevers are being caused from her molars.  She's currently getting the top two in at the same time.  One of her bottom molars is already in.  I'm not sure about the other bottom one.  Haven't seen it yet.  But her fevers could be possibly be caused from something else.  We don't think it's an ear infection because Carleigh is showing no symptoms of an ear infection.

This really sucks.  I feel so guilty missing work.  I am so glad my supervisor is a mother of two.  She understands what it's like when your child gets sick.  It wouldn't be so bad if we had family here to watch Carleigh on her sick days so Heath & I could still make money.  Well, Heath makes money when he's home.  He has like 90 something hours of PTO saved up.  I have none since I am still a temporary employee.  

We need to send Get Well Soon vibes to Carleigh, because I don't want to miss work tomorrow.

August 2nd, 2010

Writer's Block: Please don't call it a comeback @ 09:13 pm

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Which famous or infamous historical person would you bring back to life, and why?

George Washington.

We need him more than ever right now.

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